Special Events

Patriot Sunday
(Memorial Service)

*Sunday, September 11th, 2016*

{Our church will take time in the morning worship service to remember those who lost their lives in the terror attacks that occurred fifteen years ago. In recognition of the firefighters and police officers who risked their lives to help those in need during the aftermath of this tragedy, we will be honoring our local fire department. At 1 PM, we will meet at Veteran's Park for a church picnic. Everyone is welcome; just remember to bring your own picnic lunch and to wear casual clothes for any activities that you might participate in.}

Connect the Dots
(Ladies' Conference)

*September 15th thru 17th, 2016*

{Ladies from our church will be heading to Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California on September 15th for the annual ladies’ conference.  This year, they will have the opportunity to hear  from godly women, such as Mrs. Terrie Chappell, Mrs. Kelly Rasmussen, Mrs. Trish McCoy and Mrs. Miriam Salazar.  The registration cost is $50, which covers meals during the conference and the materials that are distributed.  Those interested should talk with Mrs. Stephanie Miller as soon as possible.}

Men's Breakfast
(Food and Fellowship)

*Saturday, September 24th, 2016*

{The men, young men and boys are all invited to attend a breakfast fellowship. Due to its close proximity to the church and its affordable prices, Denny's has been selected as the meeting place for this fellowship. After everyone has eaten, we will drive to the church to hear a brief Bible challenge. If you plan on attending this breakfast, please add your name to the clipboard on the back table to reserve your spot and make sure that you bring some form of payment with you to cover the cost of your order.}

Who's Connected
(Fall Program)

*October 1st thru 31st, 2016*

{Throughout September, pastor will be announcing special days that our church will have during our annual fall program in the month of October.  Then in the morning and evening services on Sunday, September 25th, he will take time to explain the fall program to everyone as well as announce the teams. In order to win this friendly contest, every team member will need to do his/her best to get connected. Pastor believes this could be one of the most interesting campaigns our church has had in recent years if everyone remembers to follow this advice: In the spirit of competition, participate; in the spirit of brotherly love, be kind!}



GPS Ministry
(Organized Community Outreach)

*Every Tuesday and Saturday*
{The  people of our church go out into the community twice a week to make contacts and to try to establish connections with those who live around us. Throughout the day on Tuesday, pairs of individuals go out and distribute invitations to homes in the area.  The following Saturday morning at 10 AM, more groups of pairs revisit these areas and follow-up on the invitations that were left.  Those involved in this part of the outreach knock on doors and make contact with residents to see if they have any questions about our church or any prayer requests that we can remember.  To help with this ministry, either show up at the church on Saturday morning a little before 10 AM or talk to pastor about canvassing an area around Atwater on Tuesday.}

Martha Ministry
(Organized Church Cleaning)

*Every Monday and Friday*
{The people of our church have the opportunity to minister around the church property two times a week.  On Monday nights at 6 PM, thirty to forty-five minutes is spent cleaning the basement, which includes classrooms, restrooms and the kitchen, as well as the flower beds around the front and side of the church.  On Friday mornings at 9 AM, the same amount of time is spent cleaning the auditorium, nursery and outside bathrooms.  This is also the time of the week when the front lawn is mowed and manicured.  To help in this ministry, a person simply needs to show up at one of these two times ready with a heart that is willing.}


PRO-Teen Bible Study
 (Sunday School Class)

*Every Sunday at 10 AM*

{Mrs. Stephanie takes time each Sunday morning to interact with the teens of our church as well as present them with a lesson based off of a Bible story that she teaches them that week.  Right now, they are studying stories from the Old Testament book of Genesis.}

Scavenger Hunt
 (Monthly Activity)

*Saturday, October 1st at 4 PM*

{Our teenagers get to start the month of the October off with a city-wide scavenger hunt.  They will meet at the church a little before 4 PM, be divided into teams and race around Atwater with adult chaperones trying to find certain items on their scavenger list.  The only thing that the adult chaperones will provide is transportation and security; they will not get to advise the team that they are chaperoning in any way.  After an hour of searching, the teams will be called back to the church to reveal their finds.  If a young person is interested in attending this activity, he/she must faithfully attend the Sunday morning teen class at 10 AM.  For more information about this class or this activity, please see Mrs. Stephanie Miller.}



Sunday School Class

*Every Sunday at 10 AM*

{Our church provides a Sunday school class for those in the Toddler Department (kindergarten and below) as well as those in the Junior Department (first thru sixth grade).  The Toddler Department workers during the Sunday school hour are Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Giordano, while the Junior Department workers are Miss Stephanie and Mrs. Gauger.  These ladies are dedicated to using this time to teach the kids stories from the Bible that reinforce important character traits as well as play fun interactive games and sing songs that honor and glorify the Lord.}

Sunday Morning Worship

*Every Sunday at 11 AM*

{Our church also provides a morning worship service for those in the Toddler Department (kindergarten and below) as well as those in the Junior Department (first thru sixth grade).  The Toddler Department workers during this hour are Miss Misty and Mrs. Christina, while the Junior Department workers are Mr. and Mrs. Davis.  Besides singing songs and playing games, the kids are taught a solid Bible principle on their level that they can incorporate in their daily lives.  Young people who attend these services walk away understanding that worshiping God can be fun!}

Pastor's Pals

*Every Wednesday at 7 PM*

{The third, and final, ministry that our church offers for young people in sixth grade and below is a midweek Bible study.  Unlike the Sunday school classes and the morning worship services that are offered, the kids who attend this class are not separated by age.  Everyone from sixth grade on down comes together to sing songs, share prayer requests, hear a Bible lesson, play a game and work on a craft.}